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About Us

About Us

A few words about our team Team Leaders Om Swastiastu We come at a time in our life, where we are looking for something more meaningful, something to fulfill us in this crazy busy life, we are looking to be at peace, at least within ourself. We want during the course of this journey, give you an opportunity and help you transform yourself, we will share our experience, knowledge and our daily life with you, meeting our personal gurus and you will witness the spiritual magic of this island, Bali.

Before, I would like to share a bit of my journey here and how much my life change since I moved here a few years ago. I was about to embark into my new life in Bali and leaving Canada, I had quit my job, sold my house said my goodbyes and was looking forward to spending my last weekend with my children and family. But a phone call on the Friday night from my doctor changed my plans I had undergone several checkup before leaving but I wasn't expecting that news, I had breast cancer. I meet with the doctors the very next morning, they told me that I would need an operation as soon as possible and treatments afterwards. But, I had plans, I was leaving in three days! I made the decision to leave for Bali anyway, think thing through by myself and without any outside well concerned influence and also to seek for alternative method of healing.

I started my spiritual healing the very next day after my arrival, I had arrange to meet with Guru Pica Putu Swastiska. After my consultation and praying with him , he got the answer through spiritual message and was able to tell me which temples I should visit to start. Then, I got a purification, herbal medicine, holy water, prayers and mantras to say during my meditation. The first thing I then said to myself was that this cancer didn't belong to me and then began my healing. I also thought that I was very lucky in some way to have this happening to me at that time, in Bali , where I could benefit from the help of spiritual healers and renew my faith with the spirit within me and also start healing myself. When I felt the spirit in me telling me I was ok, I went back to have the tumor remove, but had no treatment and a week after I was back in Bali. I was still scare so I put all my faith in the Creator, trust His power, and also believe that He wanted the best for me. I went to see healers who were able to communicate with spirits and they told me what to do. My spiritual healing continued until my mind was at peace, believing in God and in myself that I would and could heal.

Our main goal at Terrasse Du Lac Tamblingan Sari is to share the beauty of those scenic view, mountains, lake and sea while enjoying a great meal and most travelers taking rest after a trekking in the jungle or rice fields or just passing by. We can assure you that you will be enchanted by the surrounding and the dishes we prepare for you. Enjoy your self while taking a glass of Balinese sangria and relax, breathed in the peacefulness of this magical place.

Through this experience I enter the world of thankfulness and gratitude, positive energy, learning from Balinese Hindu teachers and healers, their rituals, their devotion, it became a precious gift and I now strongly believe that is wasn't a coincidence that I came here, I now have to share this powerful belief with others. Enter the ancient spiritual world of Bali, their faith, beliefs, rituals, meet men and women who have been chosen by spirits to help us on our journey to find health, peace of mind, wealth and more. Learn to listen to your own spirit within and follow your spiritual path. Start the process of healing to improve the overall being of body, soul and spirit. Made Surasa, Bali

I would like to express my greatest thank to God, Ida Sanghyang Widhi Wasa for his guidance and blessing, so I am able to share this spiritual trip to Bali island of God. I was born here as Hindu-Balinese person, I have been notice and practicing yoga and meditation on everyday life. Pray three times a day and during temple ceremony. Doing asana yoga and meditation routine has become part of my everyday life, it make me feel happier and more connected to myself and the world around me. I have learn a variety of moving meditation and yoga that infuse the physical action of the poses with intention and self inquiry. My poses have transformed into personal ritual that help me engage both my physical body and my heart and my mind. On this spiritual team I take part as tour organiser, guide translator from Guru healer, sharing soft yoga and meditation.

Bali as well known ( among many ) as the land of a thousand temples, its beauty, culture and the journey of life time to search for peace. I believe that after traveling to rural area by meeting friendly gifted Guru for healing therapy to improve your over all well-being, spiritual journey part and to find self-personal potential. Visit and meditate in Bali's holiest temple channel your inner to divine energy for empowerment and protection. Find desire and motivation to change your life for better and deserve to be happy, focused, and fulfilled. Starting now Our masters

We work with two masters, these man are fully dedicated to their spiritual calling. They make themselves available everyday, every hours to help anyone, of any faith, age, gender, color and nationality who come to them to seek for help, answer and healing. They have been bless with special gift to help and to heal other, their dedication to their spirituality demand constant devotion, constantly trying to help other, sharing and also teaching other about spirituality, meditation, healing to body, the spirit and soul. We are all blessed to have them in our life, they are great healer and teacher and gifted men, and now here is your chance to meet them and learn from them.

Jro Balian Pica Guru Putu Swastika He was born in Kalianget village north Bali in a large family of brothers and sisters. He dedicated that he wanted to be a teacher after graduation, he started to teach economic and accounting in high school. Few years into his career he got pick and felt into coma that lasted a week, during this time his family called many healers trying to find out what was happening, many came had no answer until one day, one healer said don worry his spirit gone to learn and will be back soon.

When he woke up after a week, he was different man, he had new purpose in life and made decision to pursue his spiritual calling and dedicated his entire life, dedicating never get marry and have family. Now every single day is dedicated to God and fellow man. He will invite you to embrace your spiritual journey and explore methods of learning self-consciousness and self-control in all circumstances with meditation and purification ritual.

Healing meditation and taking you on a dynamic exploration of your own mind, giving a clear and practical understanding of the essence of meditation and how to practice it. He teaching and experience in meditation and awareness of high gratitude to the God will place in a privilege position to start your own journey of life purposes. The purpose being better understanding and deeper awareness of the self and to realize the sincerity of your beliefs and inner possibilities.

Balian Usada Guru Nyoman Mangku Guru Nyoman Mangku is a priest and healer in the village of Kayu Putih in North Bali. He grew up on the tradition and customs of ancestors healers. The name MANGKU meaning priest was given to him at birth, his ancestors already knowing his life purpose and that his life would be dedicated to the Balinese Hindu belief and the healing of others. His gift to receive messages from the Spirits is truly unique and his dedication to his spirituality is profound.

He has mastered the ritual of Balinese ceremonies and energy healing therapy. His gift gives him a unique insight to hear, see and analyze, he then used special tools from God to treat element that affect the body, mind and spirit. After, he passes the messages, he also procure healing in the form of massage, this facilitating the healing process and also sometimes giving ancient Balinese methods of healing with some special herbal medicine.

Munduk, Norht Bali